Getting Started with AI for Interior Designers

Curious about AI but not sure where to start? You're in the right place! Join this free information session to learn about the power of AI and how to use it to transform your design process.

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Why Use AI

Learn why AI is a powerful tool to level up your design skills.

Midjourney Setup

Setup your Discord account and start generating AI images.

Your AI Toolkit

Understand the best AI tools available today for designers.


Answers to frequently asked questions about getting started with AI.

This Session Is For You If:

  • You're an interior designer, architect, graphic designer, fashion designer, renovator or a design enthusiast who wants to learn how to use AI to transform your design process.
  • You're curious about AI but not sure how to use it and how it can help you in your job.
  • You've tried a few AI tools but are feeling stuck about how to integrate them into your workflow.
  • You like to learn new skills and have fun with new tools!

Nice to Meet You!

Stacy Thorwart is an interior designer and international online educator. Stacy has spent her entire career working both as and with designers in both the residential and commercial interiors industry. Stacy has taught hundreds of designers how to start confidently using AI to level up their design skills and transform their careers.

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Learning AI doesn't have to be hard. Join the free information session and discover how AI can transform your design process!

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