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Stacy, the founder of The Intelligent Designer, empowers interior designers globally to unlock the transformative potential of AI in their design process. With a degree in interior design from James Madison University and extensive experience working alongside industry professionals, Stacy understands the unique challenges and opportunities designers face.

Leveraging her expertise in both residential and commercial design, Stacy has created an accessible online education platform that equips designers with the skills and knowledge to seamlessly integrate AI into their workflows. Since its launch in late 2023, The Intelligent Designer has empowered over 500 designers to unlock AI’s potential. Stacy's dedication extends beyond the platform, as she actively shares valuable AI insights and tips with her global community on Instagram, industry podcasts and webinars.

"I believe it's our responsibility to harness the power of AI for the betterment of our field, using it as a tool to enhance rather than replace our expertise."

Industry Press & Speaking Engagements

Design Philadelphia Panel Discussion

The Journey Ahead: How AI is Impacting the Creative Process

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The Business of Beautiful Spaces Podcast

Ep. 65 -Let's Talk about Mastering AI in your Design Business with Stacy Thorwart from The Intelligent Designer.

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Palazzo Blog Feature

AI and the Art of Interior Design: Applications, Challenges & Benefits

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Decorators & Designers Association of Canada

A virtual presentation exploring how to harness the power of AI in your design career.

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Texas State Interior Design Studio

Guest lecture on how to incorporate new AI tools for image generation into the interior design process.

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Designing Success Podcast

Ep. 46 - How AI is Changing the Interior Design Industry with Stacy Thorwart.

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